Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Céline Paris Tee

Currently obsessed with this t-shirt- I never thought I could fall so much in love with a little bit of printed cotton. 

(Instagram hates picture quality, sorry.)

I've seen this t-shirt a lot recently, and there's a few other blog posts about it. I first saw it on shewearsfashion's instagram (which i didn't realise until yesterday that she followed me!) in one of her pictures from LFW (link). I've also seen it on Rihanna (link), and I almost didn't recognise her in the picture
 at first because it was SUCH a simple look for her, apposed to her usual triple denim and (sometimes) garish colours. 

I spent a good couple of hours trying to find it online, for the cheapest price! As it is not an original I struggled to find it but through lots of research I eventually found it on eBay for £12.99- but since then, i have found some cheaper, but only by a couple pounds and they are not the same fit. 

The link for the eBay item- Céline Paris Tee
I ordered style 'T1' in size M.
(I'm 5'10'' and size 8-10 in tops.)

It is a really good quality print on thick cotton, and fits perfectly. I was expecting really long delivery as it was being shipped from Hong Kong (I live in the UK), and I'm really inpatient with online orders, but it only took 13 days, instead of the 15-45 days advertised! 

I'm not sure if there is actually a 'real' version of this t-shirt around or if 'Céline Paris' is even a real product name by Céline? If there is I've not seen any over the price of £30, so I'm presuming not as no other Céline clothing sells below £100. 

   I think I love it so much because it's such a casual fit top, but it can be dressed up and pretty much EVERYTHING I have goes with it! 

Also in the picture-
Gold Chain- £6.50, Claires 
Lipstick- £8.00, Topshop,(BEGUILED)